Saturday, February 25, 2006

ha ha i'm not dead.

Ok, due to the infrequency of my posts i probably owe you all an explanation.

There are two, I'm a bit of a fuck up is one. When i get depressed or frustrated or bored I tend to do nothing. By nothing I mean nothing, I didn't leave my house most of the last two weeks except to do shows. I only answered some phone calls, not many, and I ate unhealthy food.
It's kinda like PMS without the cleansing flow at the end. Anyway, the other reason...
I tend to get fucked over alot.
Only in the world of Comedy mind you. In day to day interactions and business(with the exception of major corporations, cingular i'm lookin at you...) its not so bad, but in comedy I get fucked over quite regular on a vast scale. Cancelled gigs at the last minute, dragging feet, unfufilled promises, underpayment... all quite regular occurances... but the fact that everybody does it to you, it becomes a battle that slowly crushes your spirit.
Not to mention I am the equivilent of an abused stripper when it comes to self esteem, even though I can see how sexy i am in front of a crowd(meaning funny, in fact I know I'm not sexy), I let my pimp make me feel like shit cause i won't blow his friends for ten bucks... i think that made sense but to be honest, I find the stripper/whore metaphor getting tired, I should work harder at them.
So, I struggle dreaming that tomorrow the fact that I rock, with a unique style, and consistancy hardly equalled will actually carry some weight in the world...

But... I also know that that is poisoned thinking on my part. The real problem is that constant thought that there is justice in the world, and that my friend is a fact that OJ, the Bushes, and Ashley Simpson can prove is non-existant. So do i live by the un natural order, and cheat? Or do i create justice in myself and feel stronger, yet poorer financially while living amongst those I can never respect...
ahh the funny musings of a comic huh?

OK, so if you thought that was funny come catch me at;

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