Saturday, June 05, 2004

Holy Fuck is this blogger irritating!
I just wrote four pages and they got muther fuckin deleted!
What kind of bullshit is that? I swear they do it just to prevent the rest of the world from listening to my retarded musings about hating myself, turning down a blowjob from two fat girls from Turlock, the humanistic duality that all comics face as illustrated by the pain of the care/not-care scenario of all our humor choices.
Dammit! I will do a brief summary using bullet points.
Poor choice for the Masters audition for JFL

I am an asshole I pretended I knew what I was doing and relied on the fact that being unprepared was my style. Foolish boy. Will try and salvage, but feel immense depression coming on. Lost interest from a number of Industry folks. Made a funny line about their cold stares warming me in version that was erased...

San Fran

Dammit Molly hot, must be tough to book comics and be hit on unmercifully, with re-tooled filler. Stopped even casual flirting out of respect for how sucky it must be. Great time. loved people and talent. Lisa Lampenelli, put me in touch with a certain humanism that we have as comics. Lots of Pot in SF.


I hate the Red Lion. They hide fictional charges, consider AC unnecessary, their cleaning people stole my Ray Bans, and they support pregnant mother killing by letting the Petersons parents stay there for only a dollar a night. Red lion Bad.
Possible blowjob from two fat girls from Turlock. One was very forward about the gangbangs she had participated in, the other recently deflowered by her whore friends boyfriend. As tempting as these girls gums were I passed but quietly mused about the two possible evenings I might have missed. One, these girls each with an ass about one axe handle across, sits and delicately unpeals the various layers of existence in dry witty verbiage, that both transfixes and educates all at once, culminating in the meaning of our presence on this mortal coil with a heart stopping summary and all of us bursting into pure white light completing the next step in human evolution, or watching one tired and wet fat girl from Turlock abandon her search for her friend in various dumpsters behind the treatment plant , and walk unsteadily to the pharmacy counter, taking a moment to peel apart semen coated dimes to arrange enough change for a morning after pill only to abandon the store quickly with a packet of sudafed and a bottle of vanilla extract to get fucked up in the alley. But then eventually bursting into pure white light and completing the next step in human evolution.

Love me bye.
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